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"Antonio and I met a few years ago, I was recovering from surgery and I needed help to regain my shape which led to training together. With his motivation and experience I was quickly back on track , he is an amazing person which led to developing a friendship along the way.  He shows a lot enthusiasm to developing my weaknesses turning them into strengths; you will find few professionals with the type of work ethic and enthusiasm he comes at you with every day.  After a while I was enjoying the work out ! 

He will always be looking for ways to get his clients better in their boby but also their minds.

I surely will be recommending him for your training, you’ll feel like training with a friend in a perfect relax atmosphere.

Can’t wit for the outdoors sessions to start again 💪🏽Thanks for everything coach!"

William Regis


"Since I have focused on running for the last years, I wanted to improve my strength as well. I have always trained on my own. Having Antonio as a trainer was a very good experience. I always felt being in good hands and having a professional support. He uncovered my weaknesses and so we could focus on them to improve these. The training was always varied and had always the right amount to be challenging. Like this I was able to see results fast. I really recommend his way of performing/giving/carrying out training as well as his motivating manner. "

Franka Helmert


Antonio is the best, he keeps track of my progress and makes sure I keep up the momentum. 5 stars bud!

Kyle Lovett


"Fun and effective workout sessions, always different exercises so is very motivating each session. Always working on strength and cardio. if you want an athletic and full body training, Antonio is the best on this.

"I started Antonio's outdoor summer classes (bootcamp). It was a great way to get back outdoors and safely workout, after being quarantine indoors during the winter and the spring. It was a great experience with nice coach and a nice set of people. I totally recommend it."

Emmanuel Hernandez

Chantal Warren


"Antonio was first hired as a personal trainer in 2018. His dedication, motivation, and outgoing personality make him ideal at what he does. He is very punctual and professional to work with. He is also very knowledgeable and well educated about his field of work. He is always very happy to share this knowledge to benefit his clients and others. What, when, and how to eat? How to lift? When to breath?...etc. Personally, I am always worried about injuring myself at the gym working with heavyweights, Antonio was very cautious about my posture when exercising and lifting. With his help, I was able to see very visible results and learn so much in such a short period of time. Antonio has always come up with an exciting program to keep me on my toes and cater to my fitness goals. Always pumped for his classes."

Ahmad Outswani

Happy client

Hola a todos, mi nombre es Gonzalo Heras, vivo en la ciudad de Oaxaca, México, hace aproximadamente 2 meses empecé con la rutina de JAOSFITNESS, al principio es complicado regresar a hacer ejercicio, el coach realizó una rutina especial y personalizada a las necesidades y exigencias que yo le pedía, después de casi 3 meses he visto resultados, me siento más saludable, mi condición física ha mejorado al igual que mi complexión física. Lo recomiendo porque está al tanto a cada momento de ti, te explica a detalle cómo deben ser los ejercicios y cómo debes irlos combinando al igual que te da consejos sobre tu alimentación.


“I joined one of Jose’s outdoor fitness classes during the summer months. Jose’s understanding of the human body can’t be beat! I saw immediate results that I had not gained through my own program- primarily in my agility, cardio and foot strength. This training helped me to be a better runner and biker.  He combines several different styles-which I only know from Pilates to cross fit to soccer- non requiring equipment. We were never bored as he rarely gave us the same drill or exercise twice. He always answers questions related to the body and fitness and was always offering corrections. I look forward to training with him again


"Hi this is Vinayak Phadatare from India Mumbai ,i met Antonio in the ghym where we used to stay in same building back there in Montreal,and i had this major motorcycle accident where my shoulder had a GT fracture i was recovering from it,my confidence after that was completely gone of doing basic the exercise, I never thought i would gain back my strength . Antonio pushed my strength not only physically but also the way he pushed me mentally and showed me at what level i could go which i never thought i would.Now i am back doing my regular activities even climbing mountain and doing all these technical climbing back here India. Thank you Antonio for everything and giving me my confidence back."


Antonio Is very innovative using various methods to encourage me to strengthen my muscles. We exercise indoors and outdoors as well as in the park near my home. I find his classes stimulating and a very thorough workout. I have improved significantly in all areas. We are thankful to have found such a capable trainer. Thanks.


"As an avid runner and someone who enjoys pushing himself in regards to athletics, I have greatly enjoyed my first twelve group sessions offered by Antonio Olvera. Never having had a coach before and being skeptical about the benefits that one could offer, I can now confidently say that Antonio's training methods and professional approach have pushed me further than I could ever on my own. I appreciate that he focuses on different types of exercises geared towards different bodily systems to increase my overall fitness, which makes each session unique and fun. I have never looked forward to training as much as I do now and it has done wonders for my running ability."